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File: 1619774810540.png–(930.93KB, 701x641, tom.png)
Report post - No.1 Stickied Locked  [Reply]
Welcome to /meta/! This subboard is for discussing and asking questions related to DisCap itself, including feature requests, bug reports, rule clarifications, general community conversation regarding the site, etc. This board will also be used for logging major changes as they happen, or as they're proposed in order to first gather community feedback.

All normal board rules apply. Off-topic posts will be removed. Not everything will get a response from administration. Threads may be locked after questions and issues have been answered or solved to prevent derailing. Excessively abusive, demoralizing, or unconstructive posts will be removed. Don't hesitate to report issues; anything related to TinyIB instead of DisCap will still be forwarded upstream.

Want to get in touch to discuss cross-promotion, ban appeals, or something else unsuitable for public forum? E-mail us at discap@protonmail.com

File: 1625758868606.jpg–(5.39KB, 170x170, OIP (2).jpeg)
Report post - No.15  [Reply]
We can still post here
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¨ Report post - No.20
there no email place until now meany
¨ Report post - No.23
/src/ Pics of old deleted or banned post has been deleted
¨ Report post - No.24
/src/ Pics of old deleted or banned post has not been deleted
also there's no autopassword so i can't delete my post

File: 1625428437000.jpg–(37.00KB, 736x490, 6dd6bb6c9fcd7eee9715368d9736708a.jpg)
Report post - No.14  [Reply]  >>22
Is site live yet?
¨ Report post - No.22
What do you think?

File: 1620704065098.png–(1.05MB, 1024x1024, 1620026318472.png)
Report post - No.12  [Reply]
meta? how about you meta some bitches
¨ Report post - No.13
1620715628948.jpg–(119.90KB, 861x861, 7ce.jpeg)

¨ Report post - No.21

File: 1620471532236.png–(247.07KB, 500x628, cade.png)
Report post - No.9  [Reply]
Spoilers are now implemented, for text and for media.
¨ Report post - No.10
1620487792019.jpg–(2.85MB, 3467x2514, auroraborealis.jpg)
¨ Report post - No.11
Also you can spoiler text with the <s> or <spoiler> HTML tags. For instance, you might <s>put sensitive text here</s>

File: 1619832140945.png–(797.12KB, 982x1200, discap.png)
Report post - No.7  [Reply]

¨ Report post - No.8
This swamp *is* big enough for the two of us

File: 1619811644662.png–(66.92KB, 300x260, 04D87C18-78CC-49E8-BCC8-D2B70F553396.png)
Report post - No.3  [Reply]
"why haven't you built everything yet it should be easy"

There. saved someone a post

File: 1619812917553.jpg–(67.54KB, 617x463, readsettlers.jpg)
Report post - No.5  [Reply]
Make me philosopher king of DisCap.

File: 1619799753306.webm–(2.83MB, 236x420, 0:00, 1567562356756.webm)
Report post - No.2  [Reply]
I declare as this board open
*opens hotpockets tupperware*
¨ Report post - No.4
Is the joke that 4chan's /tv/ is filled with pedophiles?

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