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File: 1619409913174.jpg–(234.53KB, 1080x1080, FAA211C9-3012-4A7A-8302-DF0ECC5C68DD.jpeg)
Report post - No.106
Help me i have loat control of my life aha
¨ Report post - No.274  >>275
Me right now
Me at 3 am
Literally me
Me and the boys
Me when the
Same here
So me
That's me
If that ain't me
¨ Report post - No.275  >>290
If this board turns into Reddit then I'm deleting it immediately.
¨ Report post - No.290  >>291

If you didn't want this board to turn into Reddit: Chan Edition™, you shouldn't have made this community for the r/chapotraphouse community lol
¨ Report post - No.291
It's good promotion, maybe. The worms come out of the woodwork that have nostalgia for the old subreddit from back in its glory days, and that have been disappointed by all the other attempts to succeed it. I've seen a lot of people on Hexbear and the Discord, as well as unrelated communities like /r/RedScarePod, pine for what it used to be. It sets out our goal pretty well, and establishes what type of community we're looking to cultivate (minus any aspects of Reddit culture that leaked in). We'll probably still remove that line eventually though, because it has a lot of negative connotations too, by virtue of even just being a Reddit sub.

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