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File: 1619410890810.png–(610.36KB, 1091x1012, 1619370129611.png)
Report post - No.109  >>155
Did my post get eaten up by the code void?
¨ Report post - No.110
We fixed an issue just a few minutes ago where posts weren't going through if made at the same time as another, that might've been what bit you. If it happens again, let us know. We're gonna get a proper issue tracker up before we officially launch too.
¨ Report post - No.114
1619411475122.webm–(3.99MB, 552x300, 0:00, 1478060162903.webm)
Final test
¨ Report post - No.115  >>116
That video is hella broken on mobile
¨ Report post - No.116
1619411786867.mp4–(2.14MB, 320x240, 0:00, ハナタラシ HANATARASH.mp4)
Can you see this one?
¨ Report post - No.118  >>120
>> 116

Yes. That mp4 one plays. Bug is on ios if that helps.
¨ Report post - No.120  >>151
Yeah, we can't fix that. iOS doesn't like WebMs. There's a larger issue of the site sucking on mobile right now though because we haven't really been testing on it. As a part of trying to make the site usable on phones and tablets, we might transcode to MP4 and serve that to any iOS user agents.
¨ Report post - No.123  >>124
lucky for y'all im broke and my only computer is just that I have an iphone I stole from a target
¨ Report post - No.124
1619412805946.webm–(3.79MB, 1280x720, 0:00, 1618148046224.webm)
lol you're missing out
¨ Report post - No.128  >>129
1619413686702.png–(29.77KB, 675x808, 357D6DF9-C584-4EEE-A2AD-55F7C09C6237.png)
smh @apple tyranny
¨ Report post - No.129  >>149
1619414344927.png–(163.69KB, 406x406, giga.png)
>under communism you wont be able to have your expensive luxury iphones!!!!
¨ Report post - No.149  >>150
1619429756821.jpg–(185.39KB, 1080x771, 0c16a76dabbc8973841ae430f5d69e90-imagejpeg.jpg)
Honestly, cell phones fucking suck but they have their advantages. It's nice having human knowledge at the tips of my fingers, but, also, constantly interacting and being in touch with everyone all the time is a negative. But, I guess that is the profit motive that keeps us hooked.
¨ Report post - No.150
I'm way more bothered by being tracked 24/7 by corps and govs tbh
¨ Report post - No.151  >>152
>we might transcode to MP4 and serve that to any iOS user agents
Awful, webm is a much better codec.
Isn't Firefox available for iPhones anyway?
¨ Report post - No.152
Firefox is there but it's basically just a Safari skin. Apple doesn't allow custom browser engines onto the App Store so you're limited to OS-level codec support. MP4 sucks but I don't know if there's any better alternative that iOS supports.
¨ Report post - No.153
Here's a list of imageboard/textboard scripts if you guys ever get tired of working with tinyib.
¨ Report post - No.155  >>157
The software of this site sucks, the admin is better off just copying leftypol.org's software which is more developed than this shit
¨ Report post - No.157  >>158
It's not that bad, but we're aware of the shortcomings and we're still heavily working on it. All in all though, we're really happy with the featureset it provides us, how active the development is, as well as how light it runs. If you have any particular problems or if there's anything in particular you're missing, let us know and we'll look into it!
¨ Report post - No.158  >>159
well for one thing you could make the catalog tiles more evenly spaced
¨ Report post - No.159  >>161
Oh yeah, an entire catalog rework is in the pipeline right now. It's total ass on many levels, we agree, and it's the weakest part of the current state of the site. We got discovered during an awkward stage of development where most of the user-facing features haven't been finished yet.
¨ Report post - No.160
make catalog thumbnails smaller
¨ Report post - No.161  >>163
bro im telling you its way easier to just clone the leftypol fork of lainchan. It's also a relatively small codebase and way more featureful than tinyib. Trust me I've used tiny to run a chan before
¨ Report post - No.163  >>204
I probably need to still get into the weeds and do a detailed feature comparison and evaluation of that specific fork, but the main benefit to TinyIB for us is that we have a very active and experienced developer behind the project that's also willing to be sponsored at rates that fit comfortably within our budget. It makes it easy and cheap to pursue implementing features that might not even be in any other major imageboard software yet, as well as differentiating ourselves from Leftypol and such. I think having a diversity of different imageboard software in the ecosystem is a good thing, and there's already been colossals steps forward for the TinyIB project over the past couple months through that.
¨ Report post - No.204  >>208
People will say it's "reinventing the wheel" but making your own script from (almost) scratch is pretty cool. Fuck bloat!
¨ Report post - No.208  >>210, >>211
if you're going to reinvent the wheel why start with 12 year old php code? And if you aren't starting from scratch why not use vichan derivatives or lynxchan?
¨ Report post - No.210  >>211
Yeah I agree there's better alternatives out there, PHP sucks.

>why not use vichan derivatives or lynxchan?
Bloat and PHP.
¨ Report post - No.211  >>212
not rly a programmer but whats the problem with php
¨ Report post - No.212  >>215, >>216
Outdated, slow, inconsistent and encourages bad practices. That's why PHP always ends up turning into spaghetti code. Even python is better (I think there are a few python-based imageboard scripts out there too).
Also I hate this follow-the-leader syndrome present in almost all imageboards. It'd be interesting to see in what direction the admin and devs take DisCap.
¨ Report post - No.215  >>216
Ehh. The language has been substantially modernized in recent versions. And regarding speed, especially with PHP 8.0 and its new JIT, it's hardly slow anymore. I'd wager it's faster than Python in most scenarios but I don't know if anyone's tried to compare them head-to-head yet.

I'd totally recommend you check out the post on modern PHP from the Vimeo engineering team, they go in-depth on how it's been fighting against its reputation and how it's improved by leaps and bounds in recent years: https://medium.com/vimeo-engineering-blog/its-not-legacy-code-it-s-php-1f0ee0462

¨ Report post - No.216  >>217
yeah this take is a bit dated as >>215 said. Modern php using a framework should be fine
¨ Report post - No.217
>using a framework
Oh no.

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