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File: 1619415804559.png–(701.42KB, 1244x612, alunya political ideology catgirls.png)
Report post - No.132  >>170, >>333, >>371
Hello and welcome to the chan community newfriends! This is a welcoming post from leftypol.org. We are happy to see that you have broken free from Reddit's tyranny and now are liberated from corporate control!

Please feel free to check out our chan as some of our users are now looking at yours. Perhaps we can extend our friendly relations in future, who knows?
¨ Report post - No.133  >>135, >>154
The left chans are stronger together. Especially as we move closer to actually officially launching, we'd love to stay on good terms.
¨ Report post - No.134  >>135
1619416200824.png–(325.78KB, 425x426, hillary.png)
>stronger together
Please go to hillaryclinton.com to learn more about her inspiring presidential campaign and her groundbreaking vision for America.
¨ Report post - No.135
1619416313009.jpg–(39.15KB, 552x640, 1-800-send to gulag.jpg)
Thank you for saying so. You too.

Bourgeois parasite!
¨ Report post - No.154  >>166
/leftypol/ here.

its nice to see another leftist chan although im not really a fan of the software you're using
¨ Report post - No.166  >>167, >>219
1619451455814.gif–(2.81MB, 720x406, 4.gif)
>/leftypol/ here.
You need to go back
¨ Report post - No.167
I don't think we're in any position where we can tell people to "go back" when we're still in-development and have zero userbase, lol. The /leftypol/ peeps have been cool.
¨ Report post - No.170  >>171
¨ Report post - No.171
The Discord operates as a separate project, they got their own process and team.
¨ Report post - No.219
1619542100525.mp4–(2.50MB, 854x480, 0:00, no more leftist unity tankie social democrat lefty)
I'm afraid I can't do that anon
¨ Report post - No.221
> "let me into the discord"

someone can't fucking read and didn't see the pinned post.
¨ Report post - No.333
Dawg where's leftcom at?
¨ Report post - No.334
/r/socialism did nothing wrong
¨ Report post - No.348  >>355
1629062856908.png–(135.65KB, 292x292, 1627730625902.png)
**is this site still being made?**
¨ Report post - No.355  >>371
We're still working on it, just light on resources and light on manpower. But we're still seeing regular progress.
¨ Report post - No.371  >>373, >>376, >>389
You should be aware that Caballo is the leader of a group that basically stole away the leftypol.org domain name. The people who the site actually belongs to are on leftychan.net.

Leftychan has a matrix chat - you should join it so we can talk about a webring among other things.

¨ Report post - No.372  >>373, >>375, >>389
1631038931866.jpg–(344.23KB, 2518x1024, leftychadnet.jpg)
Hi, leftychan here. We had a bit of a falling out with other other compatriots, but, we are most interested in a webring or some type of mutually beneficial relationship with dismantle.capital if you guys are so inclined.
¨ Report post - No.373  >>374
Thanks for the invitation. I'll try to join soon, just been super busy lately (hence the lack of progress on the site as well). We finally moved to a new server though, which should be good enough to launch with.

On a less related note, I'm thinking I'd like to get DNSBL support added before we launch, and maybe a better catalog. I want to stop using CloudFlare too so we can properly commit to our privacy-first goal :P
¨ Report post - No.374  >>378, >>389
>I want to stop using CloudFlare too so we can properly commit to our privacy-first goal :P
I think that might work. We've only needed it for a few rare botnet-aided raids, since /leftypol/ is a bit of an infamous boogieman on 4chan. Odds are that we'll take all the hits that you'd want Cloudflare for :)

If you want to get in touch with leftypol.org to be added to our webring as well (alongside GETchan and leftybooru), or to chat in general, our Matrix rooms can be entered from here: https://matrix.to/#/#leftypol-antechamber:matrix.org
¨ Report post - No.375  >>377, >>379
Don't bring site drama here please. This is embarrassing for leftypol as a whole.
¨ Report post - No.376
1631408222340.jpg–(31.63KB, 640x335, no.jpg)
>You should be aware that
How about you fuck off instead? You are like an insane ex.
¨ Report post - No.377  >>380
¨ Report post - No.378
¨ Report post - No.379  >>380, >>389
Yeah it is pretty embarrassing, but, we might as well get along.
¨ Report post - No.380  >>383
To be honest leftychan is dead. Right now they have 16pph which is the highest I have seen it for weeks, it usually rests under 5 pph and sometimes 0. This spike in posters could very just be due to the CP, gore and pol shit that is regularly spammed there, since the site has hardly any active moderation and is constantly provoking other communities. They actually made an /i/nvasion board for raiding other sites, including leftypol.org. Meanwhile as far as I can tell leftypol.org is basically just trying to ignore them and their infantile drama. All this toxic behavior from leftychan cannot save that site, all it can do is further harm leftypol as a community, as I might imagine is the intent at this point.

I will make one post after this including photos, since a moderator will have to manually review that in order for it to appear.

To be clear my intent is not to provoke drama but this toxic and infantile behavior cannot go on. Act like adults.
¨ Report post - No.381
1631492231794.png–(83.37KB, 862x774, comparison from about 2 weeks ago.png)
Here is a pic taken on both sites at the same time, to illustrate my point. Since taking this the pph is increasing on leftypol.org and approaching pre-coup levels. It should be noted that pph is not a good measurement of site quality, however it is very obvious that leftypol.org is the most active leftypol community. My own wish as a user is that the staff of leftychan will stop spreading rumours and lies and raiding other sites, because it is damaging the community and only serves their own egos. I hope that leftypol.org will get their shit together and not let dramatic narcissists onto the staff again. I just wish for peaceful rebuilding and development of the community.
¨ Report post - No.382  >>389
1631492891911.gif–(204.83KB, 335x328, cut n valid koba.gif)
Of course, critically I also wish and many users of leftypol wish for the successful launch of dismantle.capital. It is great seeing a new lefty board up with it's own vision, and I believe it may be successful at attracting users new to imageboards. I have enjoyed my time here and the community seems friendly and laid back, it's really nice.
¨ Report post - No.383
>my intent is not to provoke drama but this toxic
¨ Report post - No.384  >>385, >>387, >>388
we literally do not give a fuck about your drama and largely do but want you here. we would just post on leftypol if we wanted to post slurs and pretend that makes us leftist. please fuck off, wwe hate both sides of your pointless conflict, you are all literally the reactionaries mentioned in our few rules for this place. if you actually intended to be ambassadors you would at least have the restraint to not just immediately use slurs here and then piss and moan about idpol.

like a significant chunk of our userbase on our platforms got into activism due to clashes with reactionaries over our identities. we've had to actually fucking fistfight to be able to be openly gay in some areas. why would you come in here, post homophobic slurs, and then expect us to take that as a sincere gesture of solidarity? you all knew that wasn't going to be welcome here. you're just going to lecture us about your own myopic view on idpol, whine about us on your own boards, and then we can again have yet another online beef to make sure we're spending more time throwing piss at each other than doxxing fascists, sharing theory, or doing literally anything productive.
¨ Report post - No.385  >>386
my question is more technical, why not just rip off leftypol's software? its better looking than this tinyboard crap.
¨ Report post - No.386  >>390, >>394
Leftypol and Leftychan both use Lainchan as their board software. The only difference is in the theming. It's pretty bad in either case because Lainchan is super dead upstream, even compared to TinyIB. The last substantial public development on LC was in 2019, as far as I can tell.
¨ Report post - No.387
>if we wanted to post slurs and pretend that makes us leftist
>implying not posting slurs makes you a leftist to begin with
¨ Report post - No.388
1631701638510.gif–(1.81MB, 320x218, DDTlg0.gif)
>moan about idpol.
yes idpol bad, it's usually radlib bs or reactionaries bs

>due to clashes with reactionaries over our identities
which is why idpol is bad

>not sharing theory, or doing literally anything productive.
so twitter and reddit then, at least in the old 8ch there some theory sharing and shitposts

>actually fucking fistfight to be able to be openly gay in some areas.
Yes, and unlike you. Those people back in the day were based as hell and didn't give a shit if you said a slurs and use slurs like it was nothing in the old u.s

>doxxing fascists
fed pls go
¨ Report post - No.389  >>402
1631704693025.png–(224.52KB, 1024x634, leftychan.png)
¨ Report post - No.390  >>391, >>394
>>386 haven’t the leftypol team done a ton of development on it though? The catalog view looks way better then this site at the very least
¨ Report post - No.391  >>394, >>396
if so, its super lame for their work to not be public, it seems like it'd only be appropriate for a leftist project to keep everything they do and change FOSS. and yeah the tinyib catalog sucks, maybe they'll improve it
¨ Report post - No.394  >>397
Hi, I'm the most active leftypol_lainchan dev for the past few months.

It's pretty fucked.

Tinyboard started over 10 years ago. Then Hotwheels forked it while intoxicated to create vichan. Then Lainchan forked it and hacked it to fit their use-case, breaking things they didn't use like filters and many JS add-ons in the process, and only pulling about half of the upstream since 2015, up until Lainchan stopped being updated. Then leftypol.org foolishly forked it and hacked it to fit our use-case. There's some abysmal config and up-streaming to-dos that I was still sorting through before the drama and a bit of real life put a stop to that.

Almost true. Development and upstreaming has continued since on leftypol.org (some visible examples are search bar on index page, post filtering, fixed options page and load-speed improvements, plus backend things like anti-spam measures, moderation ease-of-use scripts, fixing error-prone merge/move code from vichan, and fixing database encoding issues for emoji).

The pre-split code is public (search leftypol_lainchan), the leftypol.org post-split code is still being sorted out (there were lots of rapid bug fixes and improvements made without source control that need to be untangled, then we will be self-hosting a Gitea). While you are certainly welcome to use the code and I am happy to give tips and assistance, consult your doctor first to see if leftypol_lainchan is right for you.
vichan is battle-hardened, but under the surface leaves a lot to be desired. Like comments. That would have been nice.
¨ Report post - No.396
it is public. The repo is literally on github and higher search results than the site itself actually.

AFAIK the leftychan, not leftypol people own the repo now.

¨ Report post - No.397  >>398
1632043347205.gif–(1.04MB, 290x291, pawelcube.gif)
>Then Hotwheels forked it while intoxicated to create vichan.
¨ Report post - No.398
Not really he was on shrooms when he did it. This is public knowledge
¨ Report post - No.402
It's a /i/ board for the soyjack.party kids from 4chan, so it's not surprising
¨ Report post - No.409  >>410
Hello chapos, I started with chapo then moved to leftypol. Now i see we chapos have a good home again. It is good we can form a federated alliance of perpetually online nerds. Anyways solidarity and fuck Bernie especially
¨ Report post - No.410
>Now i see we chapos have a good home again
once flock gets added so the site doesn't collapse: https://code.rocketnine.space/tslocum/tinyib/issues/251

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