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File: 1619415804559.png–(701.42KB, 1244x612, alunya political ideology catgirls.png)
Report post - No.132  >>170
Hello and welcome to the chan community newfriends! This is a welcoming post from leftypol.org. We are happy to see that you have broken free from Reddit's tyranny and now are liberated from corporate control!

Please feel free to check out our chan as some of our users are now looking at yours. Perhaps we can extend our friendly relations in future, who knows?
¨ Report post - No.133  >>135, >>154
The left chans are stronger together. Especially as we move closer to actually officially launching, we'd love to stay on good terms.
¨ Report post - No.134  >>135
1619416200824.png–(325.78KB, 425x426, hillary.png)
>stronger together
Please go to hillaryclinton.com to learn more about her inspiring presidential campaign and her groundbreaking vision for America.
¨ Report post - No.135
1619416313009.jpg–(39.15KB, 552x640, 1-800-send to gulag.jpg)
Thank you for saying so. You too.

Bourgeois parasite!
¨ Report post - No.154  >>166
/leftypol/ here.

its nice to see another leftist chan although im not really a fan of the software you're using
¨ Report post - No.166  >>167, >>219
1619451455814.gif–(2.81MB, 720x406, 4.gif)
>/leftypol/ here.
You need to go back
¨ Report post - No.167
I don't think we're in any position where we can tell people to "go back" when we're still in-development and have zero userbase, lol. The /leftypol/ peeps have been cool.
¨ Report post - No.170  >>171
¨ Report post - No.171
The Discord operates as a separate project, they got their own process and team.
¨ Report post - No.219
1619542100525.mp4–(2.50MB, 854x480, 0:00, no more leftist unity tankie social democrat lefty)
I'm afraid I can't do that anon
¨ Report post - No.221
> "let me into the discord"

someone can't fucking read and didn't see the pinned post.

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