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File: 1620068612538.jpg–(72.12KB, 720x505, C6A2B26C-CB89-47EC-A1DF-91C8646EA84F.jpeg)
Report post - No.258  >>261

¨ Report post - No.260
1620070016200.jpg–(163.68KB, 1920x1280, 1618954023684.jpg)
wash your penis
¨ Report post - No.261
1620075428670.png–(567.29KB, 828x604, peterson.png)
Sorry, bucko. The archetypal masculine figure representing cosmic order and lawfulness and culture in the world, and the archetypal motherly masculine figure representing chaos, is an inalienable part of how we construct our societies. If you change it, people wouldn't be human anymore. Also clean your room.

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