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File: 1620630071673.png–(548.86KB, 1280x720, 7DD3006F-979F-4FFE-84DA-97DA3B48889E.png)
Report post - No.285
mrw someone finds me eating onions again
¨ Report post - No.286  >>288
1620630181306.jpg–(151.69KB, 828x1041, 4460176B-51FE-4255-A5A7-3641F5440B44.jpeg)
dear anon, would you like to play a game?
¨ Report post - No.287
wtf wrong post lmao
¨ Report post - No.288
is this real? Did they pretend to get hacked for the sake of viral marketing? What stage of capitalism is this?

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