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File: 1623257398830.png–(2.37MB, 1080x1080, techindustry.png)
Report post - No.318  >>352, >>450
I don't understand why more leftists aren't talking about how capitalism has ruined technology. That should be one of the most universal ways to reach people and get them on your side given how fucking hated the modern internet is. Leftists should be carrying the torch for using Linux and LibreOffice instead of corporate alternatives. Pic related.
¨ Report post - No.324  >>325
Hexbear has a libre vanguard doing just that
¨ Report post - No.325
1624651432993.png–(11.07KB, 454x107, librejs.png)
sites requiring javascript to read them is lame af, and i don't think it's registered with librejs either, pic related. still does a lot of cool stuff. fuck algorithms.

either way i just want more general leftist messaging and attention given to free software on the desktop too. that's even more closed and it gets more colonized by corporations by the day.
¨ Report post - No.352  >>400
1629242733616.png–(837.60KB, 1920x1080, 2021-08-17_13-29.png)
I do like me some FOSS stuff, but it's hard to go full Stallman about it given our reliance on proprietary networks.

I do think, however, that entryism into FOSS development gives us a great advantage. Seeing how Mastodon became rather decisively dominated by leftists - at least for "normal" people trying to join it that aren't coming in for an explicitly reactionary or pedophilic purpose - that leads me to think that influencing FOSS projects to do subtle things to make them just sort of assume our values by default, that make it a little *annoying* to use for reactionary purposes, can help a lot with shifting the narrative even in decentralized social media. Things like Mastodon's blocklists or Mastodon apps by default frequently blocking gab, Lemmy's annoying-to-disable slur filter, just QoL things that make it so that lefty people just have an easier time and propagate further.

We can't prevent the use of FOSS by reactionaries, and they can obviously learn2code and undo our changes, but seeing as how Gab keeps losing their user data every few minutes and they tend to fork shit or go for closed-source alternatives in hopes of creating a monetized service (and thus again getting fucking demolished) I think they're just less capable of influencing FOSS overall if we were to put in that concerted effort.

pic is me being autistic about krohnkite, by the way. it's a script for KDE that allows it to act as a tiling window manager, inspired by dwm. i've been fixating on adjust applications to play nicer with smaller windows, and I've been enjoying it quite a bit. it's convenient to not have to alt tab to check up on stuff. but i'm utterly reliant on random-ass qt clients people make to just have something that'll render fine in a tiny window, since applications like discord seem actively hostile to running them in anything other than fullscreen on desktop despite having very flesh-out mobile versions.
¨ Report post - No.400

>since applications like discord seem actively hostile to running them in anything other than fullscreen on desktop despite having very flesh-out mobile versions

fuck that design all the way to hell. No chat client should ever require 2 thirds of my screen space to work properly.
¨ Report post - No.450
Yeah, fuck all this shit except maybe for rounded graphics, those are nice on the eye as long as the vertical edges are kept. Some UI animation is also fine as long as there is an option to turn it off.

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