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File: 1623257398830.png–(2.37MB, 1080x1080, techindustry.png)
Report post - No.318
I don't understand why more leftists aren't talking about how capitalism has ruined technology. That should be one of the most universal ways to reach people and get them on your side given how fucking hated the modern internet is. Leftists should be carrying the torch for using Linux and LibreOffice instead of corporate alternatives. Pic related.
¨ Report post - No.324  >>325
Hexbear has a libre vanguard doing just that
¨ Report post - No.325
1624651432993.png–(11.07KB, 454x107, librejs.png)
sites requiring javascript to read them is lame af, and i don't think it's registered with librejs either, pic related. still does a lot of cool stuff. fuck algorithms.

either way i just want more general leftist messaging and attention given to free software on the desktop too. that's even more closed and it gets more colonized by corporations by the day.

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