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File: 1633224721540.png–(640.56KB, 708x531, GokuAndVegetaWMATNV.png)
Report post - No.403  >>406
Why is this thing not done yet.

Josh Moon made more progress in his shitty little pet projects in less time
¨ Report post - No.404  >>407
1633348048566.png–(33.36KB, 335x353, 1633335337471.png)
There's a few things going on. There are some things we want for the site pre-launch but don't really have the cash to sponsor right now (like DNSBL and a better catalog), we might have some bugs but we're still trying to figure out if they're present after a recent round of attempted fixes, and we're still trying to find a good long-term hosting company. The one we were previously looking at requires 3-D Secure which our credit union couldn't enable for us.

There are some smaller remaining questions too, but they're mostly bikeshedding. Primarily though, we'd like to figure out a better solution for staff correspondence (Discord is spyware, Matrix is hard to self-host and people dislike the clients for it, Jami needs more time and work). It'd also be good to look into patching our TinyIB instance to use better hashing than what it ships with, which would hopefully keep user IPs and staff passwords fully secure even if our tripseed leaks.

All in all, I expect things will move forward once I have some cash and time to set aside, but both of those have been scarce lately.
¨ Report post - No.406
>Josh Moon
That's because he had money from the user of 8chan to developed it before breaking off from there

also null is gay
¨ Report post - No.407

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