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File: 1635894947382.gif–(1.63MB, 1025x603, PC-98 maid.gif)
Report post - No.411
Why are you using Futaba-based software in 2021?
¨ Report post - No.412
tinyib isn't based on futaba or futallaby, it's inspired by it. wholly new code.
¨ Report post - No.414
Because it looks best.
¨ Report post - No.418  >>419
ey yo how u maek boards on tiny ib?
¨ Report post - No.419
Each board has to be a separate installation of TinyIB, but they can (and should) point to a shared database, which will work fine as long as TINYIB_BOARD in your settings.php is set to something different on each one.

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