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File: 1619354122343.png–(1.29MB, 815x1462, 2f11aba8e729af8aafca35cb80f0fb0c2b85d9e2b11f7a745c)
Report post - No.88
¨ Report post - No.91
Fitting that this was the 88th post lmao
¨ Report post - No.95
Wonder if there's any extra context to this. Not that Marx is an infallible deity or anything, but it definitely seems like a weird argument that pacifism, anti-racism, feminism, etc., are somehow detracting from the issues of class and class struggle, rather than part and parcel of the same struggle for liberation.
¨ Report post - No.147
>During the 1860s, Ulrichs wrote to Karl Marx and sent him a number of books on Uranian (homosexual/transgender) emancipation, and in 1869 Marx passed one of Ulrichs' books on to Friedrich Engels. Engels responded with disgust to Marx in a private letter, lashing out at "pederasts" who are "extremely against nature", and described Ulrichs' platform of homosexual rights as "turning smut into theory". He worried that things would go badly for heterosexuals like himself should homosexual rights be gained.
>Both Marx and Engels have tangled with the idea of liberty pertaining to love and have made these ideas public. A small time after the death of Marx, Engels had said "that with every great revolutionary movement the question of 'free love' comes to the foreground." This is due to the known rejection of the family institution for the purpose of that free love notion as described by Engels. This would in turn spark much opposition towards the socialist movement by the German government by instituting laws from the mid to late 1800s outlawing any attack whether physical or verbal on the institution of family.
>It is from the work with Marx and the work produced after the death of Marx that Engels had been able to influence a plethora of socialist thinkers as well as those who belong to feminist thinking.
Make up your mind, will ya?
¨ Report post - No.175  >>178
I just think people should generally stop looking to Marx or almost any older theorists for their thoughts on social issues, cause not only did they have little actual understanding of them or culture, they are often disappointing in that regard.

Also, no gods no masters. Also class reductionism is gross.
¨ Report post - No.178
Totally. I don't understand the obsession with taking theorists that had good and useful things to say, and then trying to find worth in every single opinion they ever had on every random topic. A solid ideology is formed with the synthesis of theories from many different people which specialized in their given fields. Anything else is just a cult.

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